Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flower Power

Not too long ago, Bert and I scored a new "flat" on Broadway Market in Hackney. One of the many markets in our neighborhood is the Columbia Road Flower Market every Sunday...

You'd expect these vendors to be driving trucks rather than selling delicate flowers. From 8am to 2pm these men scream their clever sales pitches...
"Flowers cheap enough to buy for your mother-in-law!"
"The faster you buy them the faster I'll shut up!"

Aside from the flower market, Columbia Road is made up of colorful store fronts and cafes with musicians playing throughout different parts of the road.

(my first bouquet from Bert, "SUNS FOR A FIVER!")  ***note: Like Bert, if you too have bad allergies, be sure to take some medicine with you to the market.

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