Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vietnam - Phu Quoc, Long Beach


Just in time for sunset.

We kicked off the next morning with a mani/pedi at the spa...

...and breakfast on the beach.

Andrea and I both agreed that this was our favorite dinner of the trip.  Any fresh seafood you could dream of grilled fresh for you. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vietnam - Can Tho, Floating Market Boat (Take 2)

Our second day in Can Tho we boarded Ms. Loi's boat raft at 5AM to arrive at the floating market by 6AM. 

While we're puttin' along, we slowly hear the motor dying. Ms. Loi awkwardly laughs as she attempts to fix the motor by Joe's candle cellphone light. Meanwhile, we've drifted ashore (in a pile of garbage) with bats flying over our heads. 

After taking matters into our own hands, we used Joe's cellphone once again and attempted to make (our rendition of) the S.O.S. signal with the flashlight app. Finally we flag down an Australian couple and thankfully they let us crash their private tour boat.

...all before 6AM. 

The market was incredible, each boat sells something different...

In order to identify what they sell, the product is hung from a "flag pole."

Right after the floating market we caught a scooter ride to a bus that took us to Rach Gia. 

In Rach Gia we caught the Super Dong ferry (yes thats literally what it was called) to Phu Quoc.

After two days on Ms. Loi's schedule, we couldn't get to the beach fast enough.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Vietnam - Can Tho "Boat" Cruise (Take 1)

After many travel complications upon leaving our  home stay, we were forced to get another cab to Can Tho. 

If its not a full family of 4 crammed on a scooter its an obscene amount of miscellaneous "baggage." This was by far the most ridiculous "carry on" that I spotted.

Once we got settled in Can Tho we met local "tour guide" Ms. Loi.  

Even though we couldn't communicate at all with Ms. Loi, she did win us over with her palm leaf crafts.

It was crazy to see some of the living accommodations...

...lucky for Andrea, she had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a very understanding family.

...not once, but twice. 

"Whenever you need to feel like a lady again, just put your crown on."

As beautiful as some of these pictures came out, this area of the Mekong River was probably the most filthy to cruise through.

Our Queen, waving to her fans.

This boat ride was quite an eye opener. It definitely made me very thankful for all I have and realize all the things I could do without. 


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vietnam - Ben Tre Home-stay

The boat took us right up to our home stay for the night.

We met the family and got situated in our room before we crashed on the hammocks in the "living room." 

For lunch we had a fried elephant ear fish that we hand rolled into fresh spring rolls. 

Our family had bikes that we took for a ride to explore the town after lunch.

These kids made me melt ...and made me feel like a celebrity.

Kickin back before dinner.

Once the sun set, we sat down for a delicious home cooked dinner.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vietnam - The Amazing Race to Ben Tre

Upon leaving Ho Chi Minh City, we called a cab to drive us 2 hours to Ben Tre. I know what your thinking, 2 hour cab ride = $$$... wrong... only $20.00!

While we were debating if we should stay in Ben Tre or continue on to Can Tho our cab broke down. ...decision made, Ben Tre it is!

We loaded up on liquid snacks and boarded a private boat tour that Joe scored.

Joe with our local guide, on our way to our first stop, Unicorn Island.

Here we tasted honey tea and liquor made from the bee farms on the island. 

While they played music for us we tasted the different types of tropical fruit on the island.

 These were my favorite, mangosteen. the number of petals on the bottom determines how many "cloves" of fruit are on the inside.

Back on the boat, off to our next stop where I tasted the best and worst things ever...

the worst: snake whiskey 

Coconut chew candies with peanuts, YUM!

Boarded the boat for the last time to get dropped off at our home stay for the night.