Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vietnam - The Amazing Race to Ben Tre

Upon leaving Ho Chi Minh City, we called a cab to drive us 2 hours to Ben Tre. I know what your thinking, 2 hour cab ride = $$$... wrong... only $20.00!

While we were debating if we should stay in Ben Tre or continue on to Can Tho our cab broke down. ...decision made, Ben Tre it is!

We loaded up on liquid snacks and boarded a private boat tour that Joe scored.

Joe with our local guide, on our way to our first stop, Unicorn Island.

Here we tasted honey tea and liquor made from the bee farms on the island. 

While they played music for us we tasted the different types of tropical fruit on the island.

 These were my favorite, mangosteen. the number of petals on the bottom determines how many "cloves" of fruit are on the inside.

Back on the boat, off to our next stop where I tasted the best and worst things ever...

the worst: snake whiskey 

Coconut chew candies with peanuts, YUM!

Boarded the boat for the last time to get dropped off at our home stay for the night. 


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