Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vietnam - Can Tho, Floating Market Boat (Take 2)

Our second day in Can Tho we boarded Ms. Loi's boat raft at 5AM to arrive at the floating market by 6AM. 

While we're puttin' along, we slowly hear the motor dying. Ms. Loi awkwardly laughs as she attempts to fix the motor by Joe's candle cellphone light. Meanwhile, we've drifted ashore (in a pile of garbage) with bats flying over our heads. 

After taking matters into our own hands, we used Joe's cellphone once again and attempted to make (our rendition of) the S.O.S. signal with the flashlight app. Finally we flag down an Australian couple and thankfully they let us crash their private tour boat.

...all before 6AM. 

The market was incredible, each boat sells something different...

In order to identify what they sell, the product is hung from a "flag pole."

Right after the floating market we caught a scooter ride to a bus that took us to Rach Gia. 

In Rach Gia we caught the Super Dong ferry (yes thats literally what it was called) to Phu Quoc.

After two days on Ms. Loi's schedule, we couldn't get to the beach fast enough.


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