Monday, December 3, 2012

OPERATION: Save Christmas (and Birthday)

Let me introduce you to these mini monsters, my nephews. 
They certainly make me miss home the most. They're constantly changing, growing, saying and doing new things. I feel like I'm missing out on such a fun time in their lives and wish I could pull them through the screen when we Skype. 

Not being around is tough, especially missing birthdays and Christmas. So when I heard that their favorite show on Disney Junior, Octonauts, wasn't selling toys in the States, Aunt Santa Lo went on a mission. 

Subjects spotted at Hamley's, the FAO Schwarz of London. My hype girl MJB and I are proud to report that we got the last Captain Barnacles 7 pack play set. (and a few other things we couldn't pass up)

Big thank you to MJB for not only accepting this mission during her visit to London, but successfully smuggling the Octonauts back to the States. 

Royal Legos at Hamely's

With that said... I'd like to wish my godson G$ a Happy Birthday today. Thank you for making it socially acceptable for me to still act like a kid. Lots of love.

Xo. Aunt Lo


  1. What a great Blog update Lo... love you and miss your smiling face.