Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Lo-Down

Notice anything different? ...That's right, new header thanks to AE Design. No she didn't forget the "{ndon}" I've purchased a backpack and I'm off to travel for a month. First, I'll be making a well overdue visit to friends in Los Angeles, CA before I head out. 

Here's the Lo-Down:

A. Jan 12-Jan18 South Korea (with my friend Andrea & her brother, The Edd's)
B. Jan 18-Jan 26 Vietnam (with the Edd's)
C. Jan 26-Jan31 Thailand (flying solo)
D. Jan 31-Feb 6 Laos (flying solo)
E. Feb 6-Feb 9 Cambodia (flying solo)

I still have yet to book my flight back to the states but I should be back mid-late February.

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