Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good for the Seoul

Our first stop was in Korea because Andrea's brother, Joe, is teaching English there. Our visit to his school was probably my favorite thing we did.

We got to hand out stickers...

...and "Joe money" if they were being good.

The best was watching Joe's choreographed dance to La Cucaracha for the Cinco de Mayo lesson. 

Cannot get over the suave pose of the one student in front.

...We taught the girls a new pose. Hit it!

Even ate lunch Billy Madison style. 

After being cramped on multiple flights to Korea we found a yoga studio for the week. Even though there was a language barrier, it was generally a similar practice to what we were used to. The biggest difference we noticed was that in Korea in general, their heating comes up from the floors so at times if felt as if our feet were melting into our mats. 

After yoga tea time.

Followed by lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Felt good to take a break from being a tourist. 


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