Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seoul Food

We mainly had Korean BBQ's for dinner which were delicious, not to mention fun because you cook it yourself at your table. 

This is a Korean pancake which typically comes with veggies and seafood.

The best part about this street corn was that it kept our hands warm. 

Andrea and I ventured out for lunch and we really enjoyed this place. Even though the soup being served ice cold came as a shock, it was so delicious!

Bonjuk for Korean porridge was not as successful. We were really excited for this, and sadly it was the biggest let down. bland.

Surprisingly, Koreans love fried chicken. 

These little fish shaped pastries were all over. They were stuffed with a sweet black bean. Surprisingly delicious.

After a few drinks, Korean food wouldn't cut it for the munchies. I deposited a quarter down this mans hoodie for a Krispy Kreme. God Bless America.


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